11 reasons podcasting is an amazing tool for lawyers.


Podcasting makes us better lawyers



11 reasons podcasting is an amazing tool for lawyers.

I recently read a terrific article from Kevin O'Keefe about blogging, and why it's so great for lawyers.  In the article, Kevin emphasized a number of ways that creating and disseminating content can improve a lawyer's life, practice, effectiveness and bottom-line.

What's true for blogging is just as true for podcasting.

So, with a hat-tip to Kevin, allow me to recount the benefits of podcasting (or creating and disseminating any other kind of content)

  1. Podcasting makes us better lawyers.
  2. Podcasting grows your network
  3. Podcasting allows us to realize our dreams and achieve amazing things.
  4. Podcasting is sharing, not advertising
  5. Podcasting helps people
  6. Podcasting showcases your expertise
  7. Podcasting reveals the true you and lets you speak with your own voice.
  8. Podcasting builds awareness, affinity and trust.
  9. Podcasting fosters engagement
  10. Podcasting is easy for the creator
  11. …and the audience

Podcasting is an extraordinarily powerful tool, It's fun, easy, and it makes you a better, more visible, likable lawyer. Don't overlook podcasting as part of your law marketing mix.

To explore the how-to aspects of podcasting, visit http://lawpodcasting.com/ and have your own law podcast up and running by next weekend!


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