Law Podcasting Episode 16- Lee Rosen of “How to Stay Happily Married”


Pick One [marketing technology, tool or strategy] and go deep with it.

— Lee Rosen



Lee Rosen is the Founder of the Rosen Law Firm, a North Carolina family law firm. He is tremendously active in Bar Associations and committees, and serves on the editorial board of Family Advocate (the largest family law publication int he US, as well as a legal advisor to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.
Lee enjoys Writing articles, lecturing to civic groups on the subject of “How to Stay Happily Married”, giving CLE courses as well as flying, scuba diving, canoeing and stewed collard greens (which he considers the “greatest food ever invented”. He’s also an avid traveler, and enjoys going places and doing activities that really get the adrenaline flowing.

Lee has recorded hundreds of episodes for, NC Divorce Talk Radio and Divorce Discourse. but tells me he’s only recording sporadically….
Nevertheless, he’s a master at creating excellent content on a consistent basis… Largely for his blog at This is required reading for anybody who’s starting, running or growing a law firm…

Highlights from our conversation:

When Lee and his team decided to switch their Divorce Talk Radio from a live, call-in podcast, to a live webinar format, they saw a fivefold growth in their audience.  Lee attributes that to the name “podcast”, which until very recently, the public just didn't understand.  They knew what a webinar is, but a podcast?  What's that?
Lee is a strong advocate of outsourcing anything that can be outsourced.  He described the process his firm uses for everything:

  1. Document the system for creating, doing, the thing in question;
  2. Outsource the process to Americans to fine-tune, and tweak the process; and then,
  3. Outsource the processes to overseas workers to save money, etc.

The value  and effectiveness of content marketing stems, Lee told me, from building relationships and trust.  With guests, as well as with the audience.


According to Lee, his highest Return-on-Investment has been from networking, and hosting a podcast has been a great way to meet, connect and establish rapport with professionals in related fields. (Mental Health professionals as guests on Divorce Talk Radio, for example)


The biggest source of new clients for the Rosen Firm is its Web site which receives over 150,000 visitors per month.  It should be noted that this is a VERY comprehensive, and prolific website, built over years.  Lee explains that the ongoing work on the site is continuous, as the firm repurposes, revises, updates, and reformats the site content.

Another favorite quote:  “figure out your own story… then you've got to figure out your client's story. Figure out their problem better than they can say it themselves, because the minute they hear it from you,  they realize you “get it”… you understand them… and you must have the solution.”



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