Law Podcasting Episode27 – Sam Gaylord of The Law Practice Doctor

Sam Gaylord


Make it something that you're really passionate about, then it's just a ton of fun.

— Sam Gaylord, The Law Practice Doctor podcast



My guest for this episode is Sam Gaylord,   a founding partner at Gaylord, Popp, LLC in the  Trenton NJ area.  Sam and his firm serve injured workers; helping them with Workers Comp, Social Security, Disability, Pension Appeals and related matters.

Sam shared several reasons to podcast, not the least of which is:  It's Fun!  Sure, it's good marketing, but it's also a way for lawyers to get out of the “down and dirty” aspects of lawyering, and share a bit of themselves.  Demystifying the law, and putting a  human face on those of us who practice are other strong reasons.


Sam is leveraging his podcasting efforts by repurposing his interviews.  Each episode of his podcast provides content that he'll later use in writing a book.  (it could also be used to create an online course or other information product).

Still another great share from Sam was his “two birds with one stone” approach.  With the Attorney Talk podcast, interviews with other lawyers serve double duty.  The show is “client-facing”, so prospective clients get valuable information, but the interviews also provide a way for Sam and his partner to forge relationships with other lawyers who will later refer business their way.  Sam reports that after only  a few months, this strategy is already bearing fruit.



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Law Podcasting Episode 26 – How Long should it be?


Long enough, and no longer…

— typical advice




In this solo episode, Gordon explores the oft-debated question “How Long should my podcast episodes be?”



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Law Podcasting Episode 25 – Mark Deal of U.S. Immigration Podcast


It's that deep connection you need… It's hard to get that in a blog post.

— Mark Deal, U.S. Immigration Podcast


Mark Deal is the Content Director for U.S. Immigration Media, which is a media platform for attorney guest blog posts, a podcast focusing on an attorney at a time, web panels featuring multiple lawyers and is starting to host webinars featuring immigration attorneys. He also builds Client attraction, Engagement and Productivity systems for the same community.

Find the U.S. Immigration Podcast  podcast at: and  the main law-firm Web site at:

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Law Podcasting Episode 24 Jeena Cho of The Resilient Lawyer and on mindfulness practice for lawyers

Jeena Cho


“… it's an intimate way of delivering content… It's also very friendly; listeners can listen at their schedule,when it's convenient for them…”

— Jeena Cho

Jeena Cho is a partner at JC Law Group PC, a bankruptcy law firm in San Francisco, CA. In addition to her law practice, she teaches mindfulness and meditation to lawyers. She regularly speaks and writes about wellness, self-care and mindfulness. She also works with lawyers and law firms on stress management, work-life balance, career transition, increasing productivity and overall wellness.

She blogs at her law firm blog, and at The Anxious Lawyer,, which is also the title of her soon-to-be-released book published by the ABA. She also writes for Lawyerist and other legal sites on the net, and she offers courses on mindfulness practice for lawyers.

But we're here to talk about podcasting. Jeena's's podcast is “The Reslient Lawyer”, which she co-hosts with Birmingham Alabama based attorney Keith Lee.

And she also uses podcasting technology to deliver guided meditation sessions… Which is a bit different from most podcasts… We’ll talk about that too.

And Jeena treats us to a short guided meditation!

Jeena's Podcasts:

Resilient Lawyer



Mindful Pause Meditation


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