Law Podcasting Episode 3 – Jim Hart


Jim Hart

My guest for episode 3 is  Jim Hart. Jim is a solo lawyer practicing in Cary, North Carolina and his website is Jims been a solo practitioner since about 2005 and he has what you describe as a lifestyle practice.

Jim is the producer and host of the Legal Marketing Made Easy podcaslegalmarketingt.  It’s a weekly podcast that teaches and educates other lawyers about how to build and grow a law practice using principles of direct and permission based marketing. Jim also recently launched the Legal Marketing Made Easy Academy which is an online training program that provides advanced coaching and training to lawyers on the same topics that he covers on the podcast

Find the podcast at and in addition, he has  a free 3 part video training series that he offer which you can find at .  It’s got some great training and things you need to be doing if you’re thinking about starting up your own law practice.

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