Law Podcasting Episode 6 – John Skiba of JDBlogger Podcast and Consumer Warrior Podcast

John Skiba

My guest for this episode is John Skiba, a Phoenix area lawyer who serves consumers, helping them with consumer related litigation – debt defense, FDCPA matters, and bankruptcy.

John has started his own solo practice on two different occasions. In his spare time, John coaches high school football and work on his hobby farm with his six kids and 5 cows.

John's podcasts are :

JDBlogger Podcast (


Consumer Warrior Podcast

And his law-practice site is at

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast

Cliff Ravenscraft's Podcast Answer Man podcast

WordPress – Blog Hosting Platform

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Audacity – open-source audio editing software

Libsyn podcast hosting service

Free Law Podcasting Startup Guide

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