Law Podcasting Episode 9 – Samuel Partida, Jr. of The Criminal Nuggets Podcast


Samuel Partida, Jr.

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 “…I want to learn from my peers. I wish they all had podcasts.” 

— Samuel Partida, Jr. – The Criminal Nuggets Podcast




Samuel Partida, Jr. is a criminal defense attorney in Illinois. He was in private practice as an Illinois defense attorney for about three three years. Before that he was an assistant state's attorney for nine years. He has prosecuted or defended every kind of state criminal charge in Illinois ranging from traffic offenses to murders. Samuel is also a former recipient of his region's Litigator of the Year Award, and is the founder of and creator of The Criminal Nuggets Podcast. Samuel' focus has recently changed from litigating in court to educating other attorneys.

Sam is sort of semi-retired, taking a sabbatical from practice and looking at these other things.

Sam revealed that some of his biggest hurdles were  the willingness to put in the time to prepare his podcast while still working at a law fir.  He struggled, he says, with the guilt about having fun doing something like this.  “It felt like taking the afternoon off to go to a ball-game”

Sam's workflow involves “batching” things. He keeps up with the case law as it comes out, and summarizes things as he goes, then pulls together several episodes in one day, releasing them two-per-week.

According to Sam, Podcasts are good for positioning lawyers as the experts they are, and can enhance the prestige of a firm by highlighting that expertise.


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