Nicole Wipp of Smart Planning 101 and Smart Health 101 – Law Podcasting Episode 31 –


“It gives [clients] confidence in my skills as an attorney.”

— Nicole Wipp, Smart Planning 101




Our guest for this episode is Nicole Wipp , an attorney licensed to practice law in both Michigan and Hawaii. She started her law career as a prosecuting attorney in Honolulu, and then moved home to be with family in Michigan, where she originally had a robust litigation practice. Although she loved being in the courtroom, she found that helping people fight wasn't as appealing as helping them find solutions, so in 2012 she completely transitioned her law practice to estate planning and elder law. Nicole considers herself to be a businesswoman as much as she is an attorney, and marketing is one of her passions. This passion enabled her to completely move her practice area over without a skip in beat of income, and the result is a much higher quality of life. As a marketing channel, Nicole considers podcasting to be a great tool for any business owner, but lawyers can see true benefits on multiple levels.

Nicole's main podcast is called Smart Planning 101, which is aimed at helping people learn “what they don't know” when it comes to estate planning and life planning. She is also about to launch another podcast related to health care and advocacy called Smart Health 101.

Nicole's Law Firm Web site is



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