Law Podcasting Episode 21 Marc Diaz of The Lawyer Straight Talk Podcast

Marc Diaz



…[podcasting is] an easy way to generate a ton of content.

— Marc Diaz, Lawyer Straight Talk




My guest for episode 21 is Marc Diaz, a Real Estate practitioner in the Memphis Tennessee area with a firm called CLOSETRAK. They work mostly in the residential transactional space, and represent real estate investors around the southeastern United States. Marc has always been interested in entrepreneurship, and serves as an adjunct professor in entrepreneurship at the University of Memphis and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Fedex Institute of Technology. Lately, he’s been giving some of his attention to the business of law, and he describes his podcast LAWYER STRAIGHT TALK as a first foray into experimenting with and testing some business models in the law.

His current projects are his podcast and the Da Vinci Golf Approach.

I enjoyed chatting with Marc, and learning his philosophy, as well as his plans to change the format of his show to a more “Serial” style narrative approach to covering a recent Memphis area murder trial.  It should be very interesting to watch.

Marc's advice for new law podcasters:  “Don't get caught up in your launch with trying too hard to get into iTunes' New & Notworthy section.  Just get the show out there”

Marc also reminds us that podcast content is great (and easy) to repurpose as other kinds of content.  Transcribe interviews, and create blog posts, ebooks, etc.  Very effective use of leverage.

Find the podcast at: and  the main law-firm Web site at:


Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

Podfly Production Services


Free Law Podcasting Startup Guide

Power Podcasting for Lawyers Course


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