The Power of Being A Podcast Guest with| Jessica Rhodes



When you guest on podcasts, you can become a celebrity in your niche.

— Jessica Rhodes


In this episode, I spoke with Jessica Rhodes,  founder and CEO of Interview Connections, the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. The Interview Connections team of Booking Agents works with podcasters to find and book guests for their shows. They also represent dozens of highly qualified guest experts to connect them with podcast hosts for interviews.

Jessica is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV, she’s the host of the Rhodes to Success podcast and she is the co-host of The Podcast Producers, a ten episode audio series selected by Apple as a “How to Podcast” show in iTunes.

Jessica is a regular speaker at Dream Business Academy and has shared the stage with dozens of top podcasters at Podcast Movement and Podcast New England. She is married and is the proud mom to a very busy toddler named Nathan, and baby Lucy.


Jessica shared a few tips for those just getting started as podcast guests…

  • Have a One-Sheet consisting of your photo, bio, and proposed topics and some sample questions.  Keep your topics specific, narrow and focused.
  • Practice.  Have answers ready for frequently asked questions, and those you provide to your host.
  • Listen to lots of interviews.  Listen as a student to identify what works, what doesn't, styles and formats.
  • Use the Host's Name often to build affinity and a congenial tone.


Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

Interview Connections

Audio- Technica ATR-2100 Microphone

Podfly – production and post-production services

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ppl-logo-blueAs always, the Law Podcasting Podcast is brought to you by Power Podcasting for Lawyers, the only online podcast training built specifically for lawyers by lawyers.
NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!


NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!



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