Michael Prywes of “How I Broke Into” – Law Podcasting Episode 68

Michael Prywes


Think beyond your practice area… Think beyond what you've heard before… Think about what you'd want to listen to.

— Michael Prywes – “How I Broke Into…”


Michael Prywes is managing attorney of Prywes, PC, a New York law firm devoted to serving artists and entrepreneurs.  He is also an author of the upcoming Legal Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs called “The Gasp,” and hosts the interview podcast show “How I Broke Into.” Michael is the former President of 2 Life! Films, LLC, which produced his comedy feature “Returning Mickey Stern.” After winning numerous awards in the US and abroad, “Returning Mickey Stern” was distributed in US theaters and abroad and is available on DVD (Pathfinder Home Entertainment – PG-13). Michael has served as an advisor to a number of production companies and film festivals. A tech enthusiast since the age of 5, when he learned to program Basic on a TI-99/4A, Michael built the first globally crowdsourced audience voting entertainment site, CastOurMovie, which was featured in the Industry Standard, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and U.S. News and World Report.

On the legal side of the entertainment industry, Michael has served as Law Clerk for New Video Group/Docurama (now Cinedigm), distributor of the A&E/History, Scholastic, and Major League Baseball labels, and has worked for ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Performers) and the entertainment firm Adelman & Lavaia. Michael has been involved in the drafting of agreements and negotiations with the companies guiding the future of media and technology convergence: Amazon Unbox, Apple iTunes, Netflix, etc.

Find the podcast at:  http://HowIBrokeInto.com and  the main law-firm Web site at: http://NewYorkStartupAttorneys.com



Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:


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The Tim Ferriss Show

This Week in Tech

TWiT (This Week in Tech)

This Week in Law

TWiL (This Week in Law)



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NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!



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