Law Podcasting Episode 18 Christopher Small of The Art of Lawyering

Christopher Small - The Art of Lawyering

Christopher Small




Christopher Small – Emerald City Law Group

The Art of Lawyering



Our  guest  in this episode is a 2005 University of Kansas Law School graduate who opened his personal injury and criminal defense firm, Emerald City Law Group, in Seattle, Washington, in 2009. A self-proclaimed business geek, today's guest fell in love with the business side of owning and running a law firm, which includes, of course getting clients. He is the host of The Emerald City Law Group Podcast, a Q&A style show for potential clients, and The Art of Lawyering Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping other lawyers make more money, become great lawyers, and live the life of their dreams. I am pleased to welcome to the show, Christopher Small.


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