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Gordon Firemark Host/Producer

Gordon Firemark

This is a podcast about podcasting, and specifically about podcasting by and for lawyers.

Podcasting is a tremendously effective communications tool.  It's intimate, and it's easy to consume.  It's long-form, so it's a great way to teach listeners about the law, or about anything at all.

Lawyers have been relatively slow to adopt podcasting to market themselves and their practices, and I aim to change that.  On the Law Podcasting Podcast, we feature interviews with lawyers who podcast, whether on strictly legal subjects, or  just as a hobby.

If you're a lawyer/podcaster, I hope you'll get in touch so I can invite you to share your podcasting experiences.

If you're a lawyer who's not yet a podcaster, please listen.  I hope the show will inspire you to take the next step toward podcasting to market your practice for better clients and referrals.


What, you're wondering IS that next step?  Go here to find out.

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