Law Podcasting Episode 15- Daniel Gershburg of “I Am The Law”

Daniel Gershburg


If they sound too polished, it doesn't feel real.

-Daniel Gershburg, I Am The Law

In this episode of the Law Podcasting Podcast, we speak with Daniel Gershburg, a New York  real estate and bankruptcy attorney, and host of I Am The Law.   And Co-host of Trigger Warning, with his partner Eric Mayer

In our interesting chat, Daniel revealed his motivations for podcasting, including his reasons for a switch from consumer/client-facing, to lawyer-facing subject matter after only a few episodes.

Find the podcasts at I AM THE LAW  (iTunes) and  the main law-firm Web site at:

Trigger Warning Podcast

And Trigger Warning with co-host Eric Mayer:

Some of the other resources and podcasts mentioned in this podcast:


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