Law Podcasting Episode 19 – Lawyerist’s Sam Glover

Sam Glover



“I don't think of it as an interview, as much as a conversation.”

— Sam Glover, Lawyerist.



Sam Glover is one of the founders of Lawyerist, an online, media rich publication by and for lawyers, which covers all things related to the law, and the the legal profession.  A few months ago, Sam and his partner, Aaron Street decided to launch The Lawyerist Podcast, which features their commentary and discussion, as well as interviews with thought leaders from the legal community.

I spoke with Sam about Lawyerist's beginnings, and about what drove the decision to launch a podcast, some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating the show, and the philosophy behind what Lawyerist does.

What I found most interesting was the objective to build a community of solo and small firm lawyers, and how the podcast serves that mission by allowing listeners to get to know the hosts better.

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:


Free Law Podcasting Startup Guide


Power Podcasting for Lawyers



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