Law Podcasting Episode 22 – Ben Snitkoff of Modern Renaissance Legal and Technically Speaking

Ben Snitkoff





Ben Snitkoff,  Modern Renaissance Legal





Ben Snitkoff is a former Big Law attorney who decided to take his experience and create a law practice of his own. He started Modern Renaissance Legal to provide the legal assistance that entrepreneurs, artists, and start-ups need, but often cannot afford.

Ben was a co-host of a podcast entitled “Technically Legal” from 2009 through 2011.  He and his co-hosts had been blogging in the tech-law space for a few years when they started the podcast,  and enjoyed a strong dynamic, and a loyal audience.  But when Ben accepted a job at a big law firm, he was asked not to blog or podcast without the firm's editorial approval.  So the team decided to disband.

I talked with Ben about that decision, and about whether he'll resume podcasting in the future, now that he's in solo practice.

Listen in for Ben's insights.


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