Law Podcasting Episode 8 – Choosing your podcasting microphone



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 The best microphone to use, is the one you have…





In this episode of the show, I share some criteria to consider when choosing a microphone for podcasting.

I discuss the types of microphones available, from on-board laptop mice, to headsets, usb microphones, and full, professional grade xlr mics that require a mixer and audio interface.

Then, we explore the technological aspect, and discuss the differences between condenser microphones and dynamic mics.

Next, I take a look at a few of the most common mics on the market for podcasters.


Ultimately, I make my recommendation:  The Audio-Technica ATR-2100 USB is the best value for the price, and has terrific sound quality.

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:


Free Law Podcasting Startup Guide

Power Podcasting for Lawyers



NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!




Here's a quick video that shows how to connect and use this mic.


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