Is It OK to have a fixed end to your podcast?


It's a great way to create a course to attract leads…

Is it OK to have a fixed end podcast?

Fixed End Podcast – what does that mean?

Show with a limited number of episodes, that ENDS when the number is reached/.
Prevailing wisdom among podcasters  is that you should continue… and keep publishing… But I say that for marketing a professional practice, it may not be as important to just keep on going….
  • Why would you want to do this?
  • Limit the scope
  • keep it focused
  • Be concise
  • Limit the time and energy commitment
  • Avoid re-hashing

So, is it OK to do this?

  • I say yes… think of teaching as a metaphor. Just like an episode, the podcast can have a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • If you TELL THE AUDIENCE what you're doing… it can work
  • Plan out a curriculum and deliver it.
  • Then… move on to another one.
  • Strategy – have several podcasts related to your various practice areas…
    • Is it better to focus on one at a time, or alternate, or what?
  • You can batch the recording, and release over time… or deliver all at once.
This strategy is also a great way to develop a  (paid?) online  course.  Do it as a podcast first,  get some feedback, then re-record (or not) and release as a bundle.
Or you could have a page on your website, where you capture email addresses of folks and then deliver the episode links by email… or invite them to subscribe to the RSS.
(you don't HAVE to list a podcast in itunes)
What's important for law firm marketing is that the content you create has to be rock-solid… evergreen content if you're gooing to do this.
And be sure that you're writing rich content in the blog posts that come with the podcast episodes, so your content gets found in web search results.  Think about using those long-tail keywords, super specific and detailed…

Downsides to having a predetermined, finite end point.

  • SEO prefers fresh content
  • ITunes rankings
  • Some folks look at how old an episode is.
  • you lose momentum

ppl-logo-blueAs always, the Law Podcasting Podcast is brought to you by Power Podcasting for Lawyers, the only online podcast training built specifically for lawyers by lawyers.
NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!


NOTE:  Some of the above may be affiliate links to products or services for which we receive a commission when you purchase.  Thank you!



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