Law Podcasting Episode 30 – Guy DiMartino of the Personal Injury Law Podcast


Guy DiMartino


Anybody who wants to get out there, should start a podcast…  People have a story to tell.  People like to talk about themselves

— Guy  DiMartino, Personal Injury Law Podcast


Guy DiMartino is a lawyer who serves  victims and families of victims of fatal and serious accidents, medical malpractice, and similar matters.    What separates him from most other civil litigators is that he has a background in health care.  Before becoming an attorney, he had a growing practice as a doctor of chiropractic.  So, Guy brings a deeper and broader knowledge of anatomy, physiology and a hands-on understanding of peoples' injuries. He’s licensed and practices in both Florida and Indiana


Guy's Podcasts:

ThePersonalInjuryLawPodcast_albumart_FINALThe Personal Injury Law Podcast





cover170x170The Chiropractic Lawyer Podcast







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