Law Podcasting Episode 3 – Jim Hart


Jim Hart

My guest for episode 3 is  Jim Hart. Jim is a solo lawyer practicing in Cary, North Carolina and his website is Jims been a solo practitioner since about 2005 and he has what you describe as a lifestyle practice.

Jim is the producer and host of the Legal Marketing Made Easy podcaslegalmarketingt.  It’s a weekly podcast that teaches and educates other lawyers about how to build and grow a law practice using principles of direct and permission based marketing. Jim also recently launched the Legal Marketing Made Easy Academy which is an online training program that provides advanced coaching and training to lawyers on the same topics that he covers on the podcast

Find the podcast at and in addition, he has  a free 3 part video training series that he offer which you can find at .  It’s got some great training and things you need to be doing if you’re thinking about starting up your own law practice.

Law Podcasting Episode 2 – John Corcoran


John Corcoran

In this episode, my guest  is John Corcoran, a California lawyer who serves entrepreneurs, small business owners and real estate owners, and investors helping with them both in communication and transactional matters. John is a former white house aid and served as a speechwriter in the California governors office. His work as a public affairs consultant as well as in the private law firm environment. He's also an entrepreneur. He founded where he shows small business owners and entreprenuers how to leverage their relationships for business success. His business networking and relationship expert and write for publications like Forbes and Huffington Post. And he has recently been named as a super lawyer rising star.   His podcast is at

Listen in as we explore John's workflow, philosophy, and  the value of podcasting.

Law Podcasting Episode 1 – Rolf Claessen & Ken Suzan

Rolf Claessen

Rolf Claessen

Ken Suzan

Ken Suzan

In this episode, I have two guests… Rolf Claessen and Ken Suzan, the co-hosts of the IP Fridays podcast. Rolf Claessen is the member of the German law firm Freischem. He handles all aspects of intellectual property law. He represents German and international clients in patent and trademark matters as well as in utility model and design patent matters.

Ken Suzan is counsel to the firm of Barnes and Thornburg in Minneapolis Minnesota where he's part of the Firms Intellectual Property Department. Among his services, Mr. Suzan counsels and assists wearable technology companies protecting their brands, with IP strategies, and he also represents a variety of clients in trademark and corporate matters, both transactions and litigation.

Law Podcasting Episode 0 – Inaugural with Host Gordon Firemark


Gordon Firemark

In this inaugural episode I’m going to tell you about my own journey to podcasting.

Who I am

I am Gordon Firemark. I have background as an audio technician in theatre, and then in TV production before I became an attorney.  I first got the bug to work on live theatre in 7th grade, when I was invited by our school Principal to run the sound for a school variety show. And that what makes me interested in microphones, mixing boards and sound effects. That’s a background that I bring to this podcasting but honestly,  it isn’t necessary that podcasters have that set of skills. This is something that anyone who listens to the radio, or any spoken word kind of material will be able to hang on very quickly.

Sound Guy to Lawyer to Podcaster

Anyway, I began my life as a “sound guy” — sound, lighting, and live theatre. And later in College, I became a major in Radio, Television, and Film. After stints in theatre, journalism, and fine art photography, I ended up doing television production. During my senior year in College, I discovered an aptitude for the legal and regulatory and management side of the television and film businesses. And so, I was encouraged by my professors to consider law school.  I didn't go right away, but eventually the Writer's Guild went on strike, and work in film and TV was scarce.  So,  I attended Southwestern School of Law and I graduated in the Spring in 1992 along with massive class of lawyers that been seduced to by the television show “L.A. Law”.   After Law School, I did manage to find a position in a small entertainment litigation boutique. And then shortly thereafter, in the winter of 1993, I went out on my own as a solo. I’ve been practicing transactional la in the fields of theatre, film, television, and new media ever since. » Read more

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