Law Podcasting Episode 7 – Josh Brown of Franchise Euphoria

Josh Brown


 “[Podcasting] is the single, greatest thing I've ever done for my practice.”

-Josh Brown, Franchise Euphoria

My guest on the show this time around is Josh Brown. Josh is a practicing franchise attorney in Carmel, Indiana. He has built a legal practice around helping entrepreneurs build businesses that scale and grow. Josh loves helping entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisees and franchisors build profitable businesses that reflect the owners vision and provides value to customers.

He speaks, blogs, writes articles, and is the creator and host of Franchise Euphoria, a top-rated podcast on iTunes.

He has a  wife, two daughters and a golf habit, and spends his spare time pursuing his own entrepreneurial dreams.

Find the podcast at:  Franchise Euphoria (iTunes) or and  the main law-firm Web site at:


Some of the resources Josh mentioned in this podcast:

John Lee Dumas' Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

Jaime Tardy's Eventual Millionnaire Podcast

Dan Miller's 48 Days Podcast

Jim Hart's Legal Marketing Made Easy ( and here's Jim Hart's Episode on Law Podcasting Podcast)

Jared Easley's Starve The Doubts podcast

Paul Blais' Doubt the Doubts podcast

Pavlos and Nick Pavlidis' Five Minutes With Dad – Fun and Untold Lessons on Parenting, Kids, Children, Activities, Games, and Living Well

Equipment and software Josh Uses:

Audio-Technica ATR-2100 USB Podcasting Microphone

Screenflow screencasting software (Try Camtasia, on PC, or Jing as an alternative)



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